Melody Tackett – Office Manager

MelodycroppedMelody has been an indispensable resource since joining us in our start of Smith County Advanced Eye Care.  Melody has become very knowledgeable in the optometric world, from patient testing, to frame selection and insurance billing and many areas in between, Melody is ready and capable to assist you in with your experience at the eye doctor.

Amy Holder – Patient Coordinator

AmycroppedAmy’s will often be the first voice you hear when calling us, or the first face you see when you enter our door.  She will help you in gathering personal information and helping you get an appointment with us, as well as ensuring you feel at home during your time in our office.

Diane Arms – Optometric Pretester and Checkout Desk

DIANESince joining our staff Diane has gone from the focusing in the dental world to working with eyes.  Diane focuses primarily on readying patients for seeing the doctor, and gathering preliminary data, but she has also spent her share of time helping at the front desk when she is needed.

Tina Doran – Optical and Checkout Desk

TinaTina is another member of our very talented staff.  She works to ensure you have the best frame for you.  She also helps to ensure you get the most out of your benefit if your use insurance.  Tina is always ready to learn new things about Optometry, and as such, now has a wealth of knowledge available to help you during your visit.

Teresa Mason- Optometric Pretester

TeresacroppedTeresa is the newest addition to our Optometric team.  She has quickly become a valuable resource for us.  Teresa works to ready each patient for their visit with the doctor in the exam room.  This includes taking medical histories and gathering useful data for the doctor.